Three pendants today

Took me two days to build three pendants. Argg... I burned one bezel up and will need to scrap it. Also burned the dickens out of a couple of fingers. Dumb mistake. I was heating a bezel, but only for a short time, and needed to move it. Didn't think it would be hot yet. LOL! Nice seared spot on my right hand ring finger. What a dumb azz!

New Stones

I just got some new phosphosiderite in from Chile. It's a light pink in color. Very pretty.

New site

If you've followed the VirginiaWind name you've seen a few changes over the last 20 years or so. As I get older what I can do and where lie my interests has evolved. Now I'm just learning to create things of beauty and oddly enough folks are starting to call me an artist. Now don't that just beat all! I think I kind of like the label.