Shadow Rider

By Jeffry L’H. Tank

Have you ever watched your shadow-rider as you ride along the road?
I Have.
Stretching and shrinking
Constantly changing shape and form.
He rides along beside you
As you roll along down endless byways.
Two Riders;
     Always connected,
          Wheel to wheel.

Have you ever talked to your shadow-rider as you're zipping down the road?
I Have.
We've talked about adventures taken together
And of new ones yet to come.
Of the people we've met
And those we have yet to meet.
Two riders;
     Forever connected,
          Mind to Mind.

Have you ever tried to fool your shadow-rider as you cruise along the road?
I Have.
Stopping in the shadows
Then rushing out into the open;
To see if you can catch him off-guard
And leave him behind.
Two riders;
     Always connected,
          Mile by Mile.

Have you ever wondered where he goes when the light fades on the evening road?
I Have.
Does he just ride off
Into some shadow-world?
Free for the moment to go wherever
He pleases, till the light returns?
Two riders;
     Always connected,
          Moment by Moment.

Have you ever wanted to BE your shadow-rider and trade places on the road?
I Have
To feel the ever changing contour
And textures of the land.
To go rushing along the ground
Feeling the cool earth and warm pavement.
Two riders;
     Forever together,
          Rider to Rider.

Have you ever seen your shadow-rider watching You as he zips along beside?
I Have
I've caught him turning his head
And looking back at me.
As we travel the endless miles
Sharing each adventure, side by side.
Two riders;
     Forever connected,
          Wheel to Wheel.


© Jeffry L’H. Tank

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