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If Walls Could Talk - Blair Mansion Inn Restaurant and Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, Silver Spring, MD

By: Michelle Harper

Blair MansionOnce again, another month passes where indoor activities become the recreation of choice. In a search for something different, Virginiawind headed into the city instead of away from it to Silver Spring, MD where Blair Mansion Inn Restaurant and Murder Mystery Dinner Theater offers a unique buffet of senses complete with delicious food, melodious music, side-splitting laughter, and just a touch of murder on the side. Though physically located only a few miles from the 495 belt-way, the mansion couldn’t be further from the hectic pace of the DC area. In fact, once we stepped through its doors, we were instantly transported to simpler time where gaslights filled the room with a pale soft glow and the only chill we could feel was the one running up our spines in anticipation of the murder mystery that was about to unfold before our very eyes.

Blair MansionWe were attending the matinee performance of “Mystery in Mo’ Town” which turned out to be an old fashioned “who done it” wrapped up in a modern R&B beat. We were offered a variety of hors d’oeuvres while we waited to be escorted to our seat. Even a trip to the restroom felt like a dramatic production as you ascended the grand winding flight of stairs past curtains that Scarlett O’Hara would be proud to don as you headed to the “Gentlemen’s Sanctuary” or “Ladies Powder Room”. Where I found paintings so entertaining that I almost forgot my original purpose for being there. Every nook and cranny of the building seemed to have personality. Even the locked doors looked like they were just begging to be explored.

Blair MansionBefore I could wander off any further, we were escorted to our table where I was delighted to find that we had the perfect vantage point. I could easily see all sides of the room. I soon learned, however, that that this put us right in the heart of “fair game” or “victim” territory. This was after all an “interactive” show and we would soon come to realize just how interactive it was. But that wouldn’t come until after we had completely sated ourselves on the delectable buffet.

If anyone had the mistaken notion that the audience was supposed to sit back and let the actors do the work, this idea was quickly dispelled. Within a few short minutes people were being recruited to sing karaoke. Kent and I safely averted any attention and were able to sweat that one out unnoticed but soon realized that we had dropped our guard too soon. Before we knew what was happening, Kent was introduced to all in the room as a “Doobie Brother” and to make matters worse, I was recruited to become a back-up singer/dancer for a character in the show – pink feather boa and all! Oh yeah and somebody got murdered to boot! Not bad for an evenings entertainment.

Buying a new dress to go out with your husband dinner - $65
Cost of dinner and show for 2 - $99.95
Ending the evening as celebrities – PRICELESS!

For more information visit:
Take I 495 to the Georgia Avenue Exit south (Exit 31), stay on Georgia Avenue. In about two miles you'll go under a railroad bridge. After the bridge, go to the third traffic light and turn left on Kalmia Road. You'll find the Mansion 200 yards on the left side.

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