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Monterey, VA (Highland County)

By: E. B. Miller

Living in Harrisonburg, we make several "Monterey Loop" journeys during the riding season. Leaving Harrisonburg via US 33 west to Franklin, WV and then on US 220 south takes you straight to Monterey; also nicknamed "Virginia's Little Switzerland."


After getting a bite to eat at either the High's or Maple restaurants, we head south on US 250 to Churchville and then return to Harrisonburg via US 42 north.







Monterey is also the site for the annual Maple Sugar Festival usually the first two weekends in March. The festival is a gathering for crafters and is an opportunity to eat pancakes with locally made maple syrup.


There is also an old inn in town for a nostalgic getaway. It would make a great central location for motorcycle rallies as there are nothing but fantastic motorcycling roads all around.


Check out the "meet our DJs" portion of the WVLS site. A couple of the part time DJs have a segment called "The Biker Show." Gives me a warm feeling all over!

Good riding!

E. B. Miller
Harrisonburg, VA

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