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Things That Make You Go BOO! In Natural Bridge, VA

By: Michelle Harper

Haunted houseNatural Bridge, located on Route 11 between exits 175 and 180 from Interstate 81, is well known for its beautiful scenery and peaceful atmosphere but if you listen closely, you may here ghostly screams mixed with the sound of falling leaves. Don't be alarmed, an area this old is bound to have a few ghosts milling about. What better time than Halloween to explore their haunting exploits at the newly opened Professor Cline's Monster Museum? VirginiaWind decided it was time to pay a visit to the place that has been described as "Scooby Doo meets the Twilight Zone".

Kent at the stillIn preparation for our bizarre journey, we first visited the Wax Museum where the life-like statues looked as if they would join us in conversation at any minute. As the hair began to stand up on the back of our necks, we decided to take the wax museum factory tour, which was also located in the same building. Here the assortment of body parts, eye balls, and eyeless faces of the soon to be creations only added to the creepy mood of the day.


Wax museum

Now that we were in the proper frame of mind, we decided it was time to drive across the street and enter the world of Professor Cline and his Monster Museum. As we passed through the creepy monster jaws menacingly posing as gates leading up to the old Victorian manor, we knew that creepy and spooky delights awaited us. Traveling along the path through the wood to the old house, we began to get the sensation that there might have been something watching us from behind the trees, yet as our eyes darted quickly from side to side to survey the area, we could see nothing more than mere sight of gently rustling leaves.

Entrance to haunted houseThe manor was a delightful combination of an old abandoned house that we were told the locals feared long before it became a monster museum and the wonderful creations of the master mind Professor Cline, famed for his set work on Alice Cooper's stage shows. Just as we were trying to take it all in, our greeter announced its time to go inside. We could hear the nervous chatter of anticipation and giggles of the children in our group. Kent was calm and I was just trying to stay stone faced as I have learned over the years that if you act scared, THEY find you.



Haunted houseWe don't want to give away any of the mysteries and delights of the house but we can guarantee that it is well done, entertaining, and yes, spooky. We wandered from room to room not really sure what would happen next. As we heard squeals from the group just ahead of us, we weren't quite certain that we wanted to continue, yet, we KNEW that we didn't want to lag behind! How much it was Hollywood and how much of it was the voices from the past residents of the house - I guess we will never know.


Monoacan Indian village replicaFinding our nerves (or at least my nerves) a bit too frazzled after the experience at the Monster Museum, we decided the perfect ending to the day, was to walk down to Natural Bridge and grab a bite to eat at the café along the water. We then strolled down and get a history lesson from the Monoacan Indians who were busily building a replica of their ancestor's village from 300 years ago. For an extra dose of the warm and fuzzy and to get a jump start on that Christmas feeling, we also recommend a visit to the Toy Museum to round out the day.


Michelle at Natural BridgeWe found that whether you choose to be scared, amused, educated or just relaxed, Natural Bridge is truly to place of all emotions. As an added bonus, we recommend that you take Rt. 11 to get there. It is one of the most scenic roads in Virginia. Without realizing it, you actually drive over the Natural Bridge itself. Though its awesomeness is only truly realized when you actually stop and see all it has to offer.

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